A Horizontal Garden Shed
A Versatile Outdoor Storage Solution

A horizontal garden shed is an ideal storage solution for small gardens, yards or even balconies.

These versatile outdoor storage units are also perfect for providing additional storage space in larger gardens.

But what is a horizontal garden shed? Well it certainly isn't a shed in the traditional sense.

You can't, for example, walk into it or sit inside it enjoying a cup of tea!

Think of it instead as a large chest or box which provides weatherproof outdoor storage space.

These horizontal storage units are extremely useful in a number of situations...

Small gardens

If you have a tiny garden you will still accumulate a certain amount of garden equipment and a horizontal storage shed is perfect for stowing potting supplies, watering cans, and the like, neatly out of sight - and with a small garden organizing and concealing that clutter really is important.

Existing garden shed is too small

If you have an existing shed that is too small, you don't need to dismantle it and buy a larger one, instead use your horizontal shed to provide supplementary storage space.

Large gardens

If you have a large garden, you may find that different areas have storage needs that aren't served by an existing shed.

For instance, it can be a real chore trailing to the shed at the end of the garden every time you want to get your patio chairs and cushions out.

So why not pop a horizontal shed right on your patio or deck so that they are always handy?

Hiding unsightly refuse and recycling bins

This is one of my personal pet hates because few things are more unsightly than refuse bins and recycling boxes cluttering up your yard.

So if you're tired of looking at your trash cans, fed up with the lids blowing off your recycling boxes, and hate cleaning up after marauding animals have dragged your rubbish all over your garden... invest in horizontal garden shed.

They make brilliant refuse and recycling centres!

So what should you look for in a horizontal garden shed?

Wood, metal or plastic?

Wooden storage units fit in well with any style of garden but you will need to be prepared to carry out a fair bit of maintenance to keep them weatherproof and looking good.

Metal units need less maintenance than wood but can be dented and scratched, especially in a high traffic area such as a patio or tiny garden. This detracts from their looks and makes them more likely to rust.

For the easiest, most convenient, solution, take a look at the many plastic, vinyl and resin storage units that are available. They need no maintenance, other than an occasional wipe over with a damp cloth, and come in a range of sizes and configurations.

Why a horizontal garden shed made from plastic or vinyl is a good choice...

Initially I was very sceptical about the benefits of a plastic or vinyl storage unit because I have memories of the earliest plastic sheds which looked cheap and quickly faded and cracked when exposed to the sun.

However, I have become something of a convert. The new generation of horizontal plastic sheds are well designed, tough and long-lasting and offer the ultimate in convenience.

Well known manufacturers of horizontal plastic sheds include Keter, Rubbermaid, and Suncast, all companies with a long track record, and all specializing in producing quality, UV resistant horizontal garden sheds in easy to assemble kit form.

Plastic horizontal sheds come in a range of sizes, with storage capacities from around 18 cubic feet upwards, so you should easily find one to suit your own storage needs. I recommend that you buy the largest that will comfortably fit in your garden, without looking out of scale, to maximize storage space.

Different access options are also available including double front opening doors as well as a hinged lid. Some also offer a split lid option which you may find more convenient.

There really is a horizontal storage unit to suit everyone and I think you will find that one of these sheds provides a versatile, easy to care for, no fuss storage solution in many situations.

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