Welcome To Enjoy-Your-Garden.com!

Is your garden everything you'd ever hoped for?

Does it invite you to step outside at every available opportunity?

Or do you see it as something of an eyesore and gardening as an unwelcome chore?

If so it's time to take control and make some changes.

Your garden should work for you - not the other way around!

I'm not talking about the regular work involved in looking after your garden. After all, there's always work to be done in any garden.

But if your garden truly delivers, such tasks can become enjoyable (trust me!) and every moment spent in your garden a real pleasure (yes, really!).

And it's not all about growing plants... in fact, when you think of a garden do you automatically think of plants?

Most of us do but a great garden is more than just a collection of plants, it is an integral and very useable part of your home, rather like an 'outdoor room'.

In short it is a valuable resource - quite literally because it can even increase the value of your home!

So whatever you want from your own garden, whether it's...

  • ... a refuge from the pressures of the outside world
  • ... somewhere for you and your family to spend memorable times together
  • ... a fabulous venue for outdoor dining and entertaining
  • ... or even somewhere to grow your favourite plants!

... I hope the information and ideas here on this site will inform and inspire you and help you create the garden of your dreams.

Why not pause a moment and take a look around...

You will discover how to...

... and learn more about the benefits of gardening techniques such as...

Get down to basics and find out...

... and let's not forget the edible garden. Whether you want to learn more about...

... it's all here. After all, there are few things in life as enjoyable and satisfying as growing and eating your own vegetables.

As you explore this site think about your own garden and what you want from it. Do you want to make radical changes or just improve a few things?

Whichever it is, make this the year that you truly start to enjoy your garden!

I wish you happy gardening!