Essential Seasonal Gardening Tips

One of the dangers of compiling lists of gardening tips is that they end up as a huge 'to do' list...

... and there is nothing worse than feeling under pressure to be doing this or that task just because someone has said that you should.

In my humble opinion this is more likely to be the route to gardening hell rather than gardening heaven!

With that in mind I've tried to put together tips that I think are worth doing to make your garden a better place, and your life easier.. but don't feel under any obligation to do absolutely everything.

After all, as I heard someone say recently, when did you last hear of a shrub dying from lack of pruning?

Spring Gardening Tips

Spring is the start of the growing season and can be a busy time in the garden. This is the one time when it is worth putting in a little extra effort to set your garden up for the year ahead.

Follow these simple spring tips to get your lawns and borders into shape and don't forget that the success of a garden depends as much on its structures and surfaces, the 'hard landscaping', as on the planting, so check out our tips for giving your garden a spring clean.

Spring is a good time to divide many perennials. Find out more about when to divide perennials and, if you've never tried it before, follow our step by step guide to division.

Summer Gardening Tips

The lazy days of summer are one of the best times in the garden and you can really enjoy and appreciate the fruits of your labours (weather permitting of course!).

Who can resist the sheer delight of relaxing in their summertime garden enjoying the drowsy buzzing of the bees and the sound of birdsong amidst the colours and scents of the borders?

Bliss! But don't confine yourself completely to your own garden. Summer is also a great time to get out and about and visit horticultural shows and gardens open to the public as these can be a real source of inspiration and ideas for you to try out at home.

Everytime I go on a garden visit I come back to my own garden with renewed enthusiasm which makes it easy to tackle the routine tasks that need carrying out at this time of year.

If you are not sure what you should be concentrating on at this time, take a look at our summer gardening tips.

Autumn/Fall Gardening Tips

In early autumn or fall there is still some late summer colour around and if you are lucky you will be able to enjoy the late warmth of an Indian Summer.

But the shortening days and a chill in the evening air is a definite reminder that the growing season is winding down as the summer flowers fade and autumn leaves and berries come to the fore.

Late autumn can be a rather dreary time in the garden but make the effort to get outside on fine days and follow our autumn tips to put your garden to bed for the winter!

A little effort now will make things easier when springtime comes around again.

Find out what needs to be done at fall gardening tips.

Winter Gardening Tips

Almost before you know it, autumn has turned into winter and the gardening year is almost over.

December marks the run up to Christmas and there is little to do in the garden but do make the effort to get outside and admire any winter flowering shrubs. Enjoy the festive season by collecting twigs and cones for spraying and gathering holly and mistletoe to decorate your home.

With the New Year the days are perceptively lengthening and early snowdrops herald the start of the coming growing season.

Although there may not be much to see above ground, life is begin to stir beneath the soil surface so check out our winter garden tips and prepare your garden for the warmer days of spring.