Garden Lawns
The Pros And Cons And Maintenance

Garden lawns are seen by many as an indispensable feature of any garden. But are they?

Garden Lawn

For some of us, the sheer pleasure of relaxing on a swathe of fragrant, freshly mown grass whilst watching the kids play heralds the beginning of the long days of summer and the task of lawn maintenance seems a very small price to pay.

For others the advent of spring brings with it the first new flush of growing grass and the accompanying knowledge that it's time to start up the lawnmower (or try to start it - as we've forgotten to get it serviced in time!) and begin the weekly (at least) grind of mowing the grass.

So which camp do you fall into and how do you decide if a lawn is right for you?

Whether you are starting a garden from scratch, or already have a lawn and are not sure if you should keep it, check out the advantages and disadvantages of lawns listed below to help you make up your mind.

Think about the way you like to use your garden, whether or not you have children who enjoy playing outdoors, and, importantly, whether you have the time (and the inclination) to carry out regular lawn maintenance tasks.

To help you reach a decision there are also links to further information about lawns at the bottom of this page.

The Advantages of Garden Lawns

  • They provide a safe, comfortable surface which is ideal for play and relaxation.
  • A lawn sown from seed is one of the cheapest garden surfaces.
  • A lawn complements, and sets off, trees, borders and other garden features to advantage.
  • They have an inviting and 'softening' appearance.
  • In urban gardens they provide a welcome and refreshing contrast to the built environment.
  • In rural areas they blend in well with the surrounding countryside.

The Disadvantages of Garden Lawns

  • All lawns, however informal, require routine maintenance which may become an unwelcome chore.
  • The specialist lawn care tools you will need are an added expense.
  • They can become muddy and unusable in wet weather.
  • They need sunlight and are not suitable for very shaded areas.
  • Areas of heavy traffic will become worn.
  • A neglected lawn is unattractive and will make you feel guilty and dissatisfied every time you set foot in the garden!

More Information about Garden Lawns

If you think you would like a lawn, or even if you already have one, but aren't certain what maintenance is required, take a look at the information on lawn maintenance.

You can also find handy tips and information about how to select the right lawn care tools and choose the best lawn mower for your garden, and how best to go about mowing a lawn.

There is also a section devoted to common lawn problems and how to resolve them.

If you have decided to create a new lawn, or to replace an old one, the information on lawn grasses will help you choose the right type of lawn and the best grass mixtures to use.

If you decide that a traditional garden lawn is not the right choice for you, all is not lost, as there are a number of lawn alternatives that you can try.