Common Lawn Problems

As far as lawn problems are concerned, garden owners seem to fall into two camps...

... those who don't really perceive a problem at all with a less than perfect lawn... and those who are driven wild by the smallest imperfection.

Well, maybe that is a slight exaggeration but, if you are at all fussy about your lawn, there can be no doubt about how annoying such problems can be.

One of the reasons is that your garden lawn is both highly visible and uniform (or not, as the case may be) in appearance so any imperfections really stand out and are hard to disguise.

This page lists the most common problems you are likely to encounter...

Thatch in Lawns

This is one of those problems that causes a lot of confusion and consternation. In fact it used to confuse me until, prompted by questions from our site visitors, I sought advice from some lawn care professionals.

Thatch is the term used to describe the build up of organic matter on the soil surface at the base of your lawn. The most common misapprehension is that all thatch is bad and that it must be eliminated at all costs. This, as I have discovered, is not the case...

... find out more about identifying and tackling this problem at lawn thatch.

Lawn Weeds

As far as weeds are concerned, lawn owners seem to fall into two camps: those who don't mind a few weeds and even appreciate a sprinkling of daisies on their lawn; and those who cannot tolerate weeds in any shape or form and take the appearance of even the most timid weed as a personal affront.

Whichever camp you belong to, a lawn weed problem left unchecked can quickly get out of hand...

... find out more about identifying and tackling the most common weeds at controlling lawn weeds.

Lawn Moss

Moss is another perennial lawn problem. Mosses are moisture loving plants that can rapidly colonize your lawn and crowd out the grass.

Find out more about the causes of this vexing problem, and how to prevent and tackle it, at lawn moss.

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