Raised Bed Garden Plan
A Garden Seat Alcove

This simple raised bed garden plan shows how L-shaped raised beds can be used to create a sheltered and secluded alcove for a garden bench or seat.

The beds shown are straightforward rectangles built out of wood but you could just as easily use brick, stone or concrete blocks - whatever material complements your house and garden.

Choose a height that will provide a sufficient degree of shelter and screening once the beds have been planted and position them so that the alcove provides an interesting view of the rest of the garden.

You could plant the beds with small evergreen shrubs and architectural plants to provide shelter and structure throughout the year. Interplant these with your favourite perennials and annuals to add colour and fragrance.

For a more effective screen attach sturdy trellis to the outside walls of the beds and grow climbers.

In this particular design the area around the bench is paved which gives you the option of planting creeping thyme and other small aromatic plants between the paving stones so that when you step on them they release their fragrance.

The design would work equally well on a grassy area although for ease of mowing it is worth laying a small area of paving stones to act as a level base for the garden seat and connecting this to the pathway. This will also allow you to use the area all year round without stepping on the grass and getting your feet wet and muddy!

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