Raised Bed Garden Plans
Ideas For The Ornamental Garden

Below are some sample raised bed garden plans to help you create your own ornamental raised bed garden.

Feel free to use them as the basis for your own design and adapt them to taste.

In the ornamental garden you can be as creative as you wish.

For maximum impact try creating raised beds on different levels and use a mixture of permanent and seasonal planting.

Shade is not such a problem in the ornamental garden as in the vegetable garden because there are plenty of attractive, shade loving plants you can grow - see gardening in the shade for more information.

The most important factor in creating successful raised bed garden plans is to make sure that the design will work for you. Base the design around the way you and your family use (or would like to use!) your garden.

I always find visualisation very helpful, so, when you've finished your plan, imagine yourself actually in the new garden and check that it allows you the freedom to enjoy it to the full.

Sample Raised Bed Garden Plans

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Sample raised bed garden plan to create a secluded bench alcove

...if you enjoy relaxing outdoors with a good book, use a series of raised beds to create a secluded, tranquil corner where you can read in peace. A bench alcove can be created very simply by using L-shaped raised beds.

Raised bed plan for a formal garden

...if you love the style of old, formal gardens, create a simple geometric series of beds, paths and open spaces to recreate the formal look in your own garden.

Plan for a patio dining area with raised beds

...if you enjoy dining al fresco and entertaining in your garden, use raised beds to create shelter and screening around a patio dining area.

The easiest designs use squares or rectangles as the basic unit but there is nothing to stop you incorporating other shapes such as octagons, hexagons and curves.

Don't let the thought of complicated construction work deter you because many raised bed kits are now available in a range of different shapes and heights making it easy to create very sophisticated layouts.

If you have small children make sure that they have enough clear space to play safely and remember to avoid sharp corners on the beds. You could even turn one of the raised beds into a sandpit for them to play in - once they have outgrown it you just fill it with soil and plant it up!

Need More Information?

Successful raised bed garden design offers useful design tips and information.

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