Raised Bed Vegetable Gardens
Plan 3: 3x3m with L-Shaped Bed

Raised bed vegetable gardens can be created in a very limited space and will give you the opportunity to grow and pick your own fresh produce for the table.

This sample plan will fit in a space approximately 3m x 3m (10ft x 10ft) and should produce a good selection of fresh, tasty vegetables for you and your family to enjoy.

The design itself is quite decorative in its own right and you can swap the positions of the small square bed and the larger L-shaped bed to suit your own situation.

As space is limited you won't be able to grow all the vegetables that you need.

Instead choose to grow only your favourites and make the most of them by harvesting whilst still young and sweet.

A Small Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Plan

Planting the vegetables in blocks rather than rows, and planting quick maturing salads and radishes between the slower maturing crops, will allow you to maximise the available space and keep down weeds.

Make repeat sowings of fast maturing crops so that you have a succession of young crops for the table. Suitable candidates for repeat sowing include carrots, peas and salad leaves, in fact, any vegetables that reach maturity within three months.

You will get higher yields if you provide each type of vegetable with the conditions it enjoys by using the simple system of crop rotation explained in Sample Plan 1.

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