A Vertical Garden Shed
The Perfect Storage Solution For Small Spaces

A vertical garden shed could be the answer to your problems if you need an outdoor storage solution for a tiny garden, yard or even a balcony.

No matter how small your outdoor space, you still need a certain number of gardening tools and materials and it can be difficult finding somewhere to store them.

In fact, the smaller your garden, the more important it is to keep that clutter organized and out of sight.

This is where the vertical storage shed comes into its own. Think of a vertical shed rather like an outdoor cupboard or cabinet where you can safely store long handled tools and other essential gardening equipment.

Even if you have a larger garden with a regular shed, you may find that a vertical garden shed provides welcome additional storage space on your patio or deck.

Which Type of Vertical Garden Shed Should You Choose?

Choose the right material

Wooden storage units can look great in any garden but they are less readily available and need a certain amount of maintenance to keep them weatherproof and looking their best.

Metal vertical sheds need much less maintenance but can be prone to denting and scratching in high traffic areas of the garden. They also tend to look rather utilitarian and featureless which can be a problem unless you have the room to tuck them away in an inconspicuous spot - something of a problem in a tiny garden.

For many people the easiest, most satisfactory solution is to buy one of the many plastic or vinyl storage units on the market today. These require zero maintenance (apart from the occasional wipe over with a damp cloth!) and come in a wide range of styles and sizes.

Why a vertical garden shed made from plastic or vinyl could be your best option

If plastic makes you think of a product that is cheap and inferior, do think again. I admit that the earliest plastic sheds were frankly pretty awful. They were generally unattractive and tended to fade and even crack over time due to the action of sunlight.

However, the new generation of plastic vertical garden sheds are strong, durable and well designed.

The major manufacturers of these plastic storage units are often household names - think of Rubbermaid, Keter and Suncast, and specialize in producing good quality UV resistant vertical garden sheds in easy to assemble kit form. Most offer integral floors and ramps for easy access as well as other optional extras.

Plastic vertical storage sheds also come in a range of sizes starting at around 2' 6" wide, 2' deep and 6' high (although some are not as tall), so you should easily find one to suit your requirements.

I recommend that you buy the largest that will comfortably fit in your garden, without looking out of scale, to maximize storage space.

Do check that the shed is high enough to store long handled tools such as rakes, hoes and brooms.

Still not convinced that plastic is the way to go?

A plastic or vinyl vertical garden shed is a very simple and long lasting answer to small space storage and should give years of trouble free service. Where problems occur it is usually for three reasons and these are usually avoidable...

Provide a level base or foundation

It is important that these storage units are erected on a firm level base. An unsatisfactory base makes it harder to keep everything square when you are assembling the parts. If your shed is not absolutely square you may also find that you run into problems with the doors not opening smoothly and water seeping in.

Existing patio paving or a concrete surface is ideal, but if you don't have these it is a simple matter to lay the small number of paving slabs or other materials necessary to accommodate the tiny footprint of these storage buildings.

The instructions that come with your shed will give details of how to prepare a suitable base.

Anchor and secure your storage unit

Vertical sheds are very tall in relation to their footprint so they are top heavy and prone to toppling.

You can solve this problem very easily by anchoring your shed to ground and/or bolting it to an adjacent wall. It's a simple procedure and the assembly instructions will give details of how to do it. In fact, you can often order a suitable anchoring kit when you buy your shed.

Follow the assembly instructions

Your new storage unit has just arrived and you are probably impatient to put it all together right away. But resist!

How often have you done the same thing with an item of self assembly furniture and then wondered what all the left over nuts and bolts are for?

Instead take the time to read the instructions through a couple of times and do an inventory of parts. That way you will familiarize yourself with the steps needed and the assembly procedure will be much more straightforward.

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